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First sustainocratic Global STIR Summit in Octobre in Eindhoven

Excitement about the beautiful acceptance of our summit among values driven leadership across the world.

The first Global STIR Summit will be helt in Octobre 2019 from 2nd till 5th, in the home of Sustainocracy, Eindhoven. Global leadership of values driven initiatives will be present as we engage the participants into co-creation of our core natural human values, solving at the same time the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, climat problems and creating a healthy evolutionary perspective for ourselves, our species and our institutions.

In this blog I will provide information about the growing acceptation of top influencers of the world to attend and join our global co-creation mission. This first Summit is prelude to engagement summits around the world in the coming years. It is key to be present right from the start.

More on the Summit and registration

Please share to whom it may concern and follow this blog for updates.

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