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STIR Summit Motivation

Einstein: “We cannot solve issues with the same way of thinking that created them”.

“So we need to change our way of thinking”, Jean-Paul Close

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations can be seen as unprecedented consequences of a way of thinking and structuring society. This way was highly successful in the past when the human population and planetarian resources could still be balanced within a political, social and economic reality. Now it cannot anymore. We draw a line and which we all take “the next step”. That is the motivation of the Global STIR Summit. Just watch a short and challenging video impression


So we need to change our way of thinking. To do that we introduce the 5 core natural human values for Sustainable human progress as well as our shared responsability between citizens and institutions to assure this values at all times. This is what we are going to practice during the Summit, just to get a feel what it is to reason using a different reference framework than what we are used to.

For 10 years now this reference framework developed in the Netherlands and resulted into different multidisciplinary communities. Two will be highlighted, AiREAS and COS3i. AiREAS signs up with 21 municipalities to work on health and habitat together with citizens through open governance and participation.

more information and registration

Two programs will run intertwined in October: one for current institutions and citizen representations, one for innovative, participatory learning for students within the upcoming generations.

Jean-Paul Close _ Founder STIR

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