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Global STIR Summit – Mr. Sujith Ravindran

My first encounter with this extreemly nice personality with Indian roots was in Eindhoven itself back in the early days of STIR’s City of Tomorrow initiative. Our talks were animated and philosophical on sociology, masculine and feminine energy, leadership and empowerment. Sujith accepted to share podium with me during a couple of events in which entrepreneurship and intercultural relationships were topics.

With a background of forty+ years in the Indian spiritual sciences and a distinguished business career, Sujith Ravindran supports top leaders within business, politics and non-profits worldwide develop inner-leadership, and helps organizations realize their full Human Potential.

In 2012, the Council of Assisi conferred him the honour of Ambassador of Peace for his efforts on spiritual upliftment in Italy. His bestseller book, MATURE MASCULINITY: Man’s Inner Essence, captures the insights originating from a profound personal opening Sujith experienced many years ago. That experience led him to leave behind his successful corporate career in pursuit of self-realization, a journey that led him to write and release MATURE MASCULINITY. Another international work, The BEING Leader, is today being hailed as the standard for high leadership and is a popular study within corporations and business schools.

His recent book, The 7 Mystical Laws of Abundance, is now available in 200 countries.

During our Global STIR Summit in Eindhoven on october 2nd till 5th he will conduct workshops throughout the event. These are unprecedented, highly inspirational and demand a lot of the participants. Make sure you will not miss it….

More information here

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