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Global STIR Summit – Mr. Mahendra Shah

Forming a Worldwide Youth Sustainability Alliance to involve youth in the mindfulness dialogues and decision making.

The cocreation Summit is not one to attend, sit back and listen. It is one that gets you into the driver’s seat of a major global and local transition starting within ourselves. A new way of thinking.

Dr. Mahendra Shah is from India but owns and exploits a yoga resort on Bali. This visionary personality has been in open dialogue with the STIR Foundation to try to realize the idea of health valleys near every town in the world. Shah was active in the United Nations and the World Bank for decades and is a successful entrepreneur as well as motivator for change. He is preparing a documentary for 2022 summits referred to as the Earth Odyssey 2022.

The brochure of 3 phases can be requested. We are very honored to welcome Dr. Shah among us as speaker, panel member and partner.

More information about the summit

Email us if you intend to come to the summit. We will provide you with information, costs, discounts, etc..


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