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4. The solution

This is the last blogpost of 4 on “corona exposes”. It is also my positive invitation to join me and many in a societal sollution that I have been living now myself for over 24 years. Since then many (people and institutions) engaged, at first as 5K entrepreneurs of the 21st century. After the financial crisis of 2008, when we lost our trust in the banking system, even citizens, governments and scientists connected. The key to resolving ALL the current issues in the human world is relatively simple. It is referred to as the law of:

the opposites

  1. From regulated control to facilitated letting go
  2. From democratic delegation of responsability to democratically sharing responsability
  3. From head (rational selfinterest) to heart (love, empathy and care for eachother)
  4. From fragmented islands of self interests to dynamic communities of cocreation
  5. From critical dependence to participative reciprocity
  6. From silos to bridges
  7. From trade to shared
  8. From negative seggregation to positive community energy
  9. From money driven economy (cost – benefit) to values driven economy (input – sharing)

Key in the law of opposites is that they both exist, including the transition path between the opposites. Within our societal context we tend to think like the people who, in blog 3, could only see the squares. This means that we are reluctant to let go our controls because we do not know that the safer opposite exists. When we do then the letting go is easier.

With Sustainocracy we defined the 5 core natural human values to adhere to as freedom does not come with lack of responsability. On the contrary, our freedom, when those in power let go (voluntarily, forcefully or through the gradual evolution of times), or we decide to let go of their influence, is the open space to take our own controls. Once this happens then we can connect to those who also understand that we cannot carry the responsability by ourselves. Cocreation becomes the key word of the new world of symbiotic harmonization among eachother and our environment.

And it has a name. Sustainocracy, sustainable human progress and democracy.

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  1. Alex Reid says:

    members of the school of bridge building entrepreneurs co-create with building a local page on the internet, where is wherever you like but time is not on our side that’s why the 3 member agreements are simple and designed to expand exponentially. Triad pages you create will link with the local group and the groups banned rewards will be paid out to tree planters who join the exciting offer. more at my idea… https://www.SaveNatureFree.org

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