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School of Talents and Wellness and its 2 year program via zoom

When people and institutions get introduced in the societal focus of core natural human values (Sustainocracy) a new dimension opens up in our mind. A free space appears in which infinite innovations can be thought of, implemented and enjoyed that all deliver wellness and sustainable human progress.

Sustainocracy is a level 4 type of community building

It represents a totally new way of thinking and handling together in a cocreative manner. Core human values are leading while our behavior and support of institutions is lined up to establish or sustain those core values. It is a learning, creating and sharing process that connects people worldwide.

An example on how people find their creativity

Every tuesday afternoon we do a 90 minute zoom session at 16:00 CET in English. The inspiration is always presented from a sustainocratic context. We show examples, best practices, specific themes (such as leadership 21st century, spirituality, what is awareness, chacras, the world of energetic relationships, positiveness, human complexities, etc) with guest speakers, short illustrative films, etc. There is always room for dialogue.

The rest of the week we do individual sessions based on project developmente and support and specials. If you are interested in taking part, you are ready to place yourself in the dimension of Sustainocracy, then send an email to jp@marktleiderschap to receive the link and engage. or keep a look out on this blog to see what the theme of the week is.

And: it is free of charge as we believe that inspiration and sharing best practice is not a business, it is a human right and opportunity for evolutionary progress.

The link you find here:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82013279319?pwd=Rkh5SGV0Q3l2VitQMDdPdDRiN216dz09

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