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Earth Odyssey

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Five times in history our planet Earth suffered a high impact event that nearly killed all life forms. The most famous is the alleged meteorite impact that wiped out the dinosaurs. A sixth event seems to occur right now. It is called “the human being” and our Anthropocene behavior. Even this is being disputed by some scientists who refer to humankind as a possible hickup in the history of life on Earth, one that will be long forgotten, let alone remembered by any possible future so called intelligent, analytical species in the future.

What would that mean? That we don’t have to take responsibility, because whatever we do, we become extinct anyway? Or does that mean that we do need to take responsibility in order to make the best of it as long as we occupy our place in the timeline of the planet and its ecosystem? Is it reasonable to analyse the human species as any other species in the diversity of possibilities? Or do we need to look at our wit, self awareness, creativity, inventiveness and adaptiveness as something unique, authentic and instrumental to turn our destiny to our benefit. Is it reasonable to look at our development in logical phases, starting with our breakthrough as an intelligent toolmaker?

Our second phase would be competitive as our advantage would give us the capacity of greed and desire of control. We would follow the path of deepening understanding that greed and competition does not lead to stability. That diplomacy, cocreation would, first of all among the diversity of our own many cultures.

Haven’t we now reached a point of a second mayor turnaround, one that gives us deep understanding of our responsibility towards ourselves and our environment, the one of symbiose, to live and let live? To value our core natural values and let nature and time determine our destiny while we ourselves contribute to our sustainable existence instead of self inflicted premature death?

Let is talk about it, and develop a mindset of faith, adaptiveness, sustainable progress and cohesion. Earth Odyssey is a platform for dialogue. Sustainocracy is a new mindset.

The awareness breakthrough is a real, memorable point in a person’s life

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