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The way out of the deadly conflict between politics and biology

We, human beings, are member of a politically governed global structure and a biological ecosystem of interacting life forms. We are gradually becoming painfully aware that both do not show sustainable compatibility. Pollution, material abuse, climat issues, plastic soup, overconsumption, etc are part of our human reality while destructive for the biological ecosystem. The current Covid19 pandemic reveals this deadly mismatch evn further and in an unprecedented way. Politics follows a globally prepared script in every country, based on mass control instruments, genetically coded medical experiments, social influencing and managing financial means. Biology on the other hand follows a path of its own that does not necessarily allows itself to be politically manipulated.

Note: In politics there is a huge differentiation of characters. Those at the lowest level of the system pyramid (under the line of field of tension in the drawing below) are often idealistic, hopeful to do the right thing once they get into power. Inside the arena of tension we find idealists with guts and determination as well as narcistic manipulators. Those in power, climing up through the system (above the line of tension), developed more and more this narcistic behavior of control and manipulation to sustain their position. They also control the military, media and police forces.
Stress between the system and human natural stability should be positive, not killing

In the drawing above I show both worlds (politics and nature) as opposites, with an area of tension that can produce either sustainable human resilience and progress, or death and disaster. Over time we have seen that this tension is tightened by politics to unacceptable levels until it breaks and humankind falls back into it natural state of chaos. Then the idealistic community building, often with a new level of interaction with itself and nature, based on the awareness provided by the collapse, can start again. Gradually a new level op tension builds up again, first through a phase of resilience up to the movement of crossing an invisible line again of system controls, based on a growing tunnel vision. Until this breaks again. This cycles can be seen throughout history.

The current power and control based politics has no mechanisms for auto-correction for balance. Collapse is the only counter measure and it is provided by nature. The tension between nature and political controls is the reason why humankind has seen so many wars, disasters, crises and other severe periods of tension.

Maybe today, with Covid19 as a natural catalyst in an unnatural world of politics, we are experiencing the biggest tension of all. The question is: can we prevent ourselves from the eminent disaster? History shows that we cannot in our current social structure based on the political hierarchy. We can however if we are prepared to work together with nature instead of against it. This what we mean with changing our narrative….

In the following recent lecture of virus specialist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche he expresses is sincere worries. He shows how politics is stressing this tension to lethal proportions with their current tunnelvisioned measures based on virus manipulation rather than genuin health driven measures, including genuin vaccination methods as we know it from other diseases. Similar alarming worries have been presented by sociologists that show the disastrous effects of purposely spreading fear, or economists that show the unreparable damage to the local economies, etc. On the other hand, the old system´s dynamics of society based on costs (taxes, speculation and debt) and consumption (with societal dependence) is fundamentally outdated too. So what is next?

The situation for humankind is horrifyingly complicated. Politics will not let go until the natural collapse shows its face. The general public is indoctrinated about virus fear that is enhanced by the new aggressive, self provoked and inflicted variations that seem to unjustly empower politics and weaken humankind even further. The old economic abusive production and consumer foundation of society has been destroyed, weakening the entire social basis that dependents on it. Poverty and inequality grow beyond proportions. There is no room for common sense since pain and suffering are the common denominator everywhere. Except in one area……the one settled in awareness, freedom and cocreation of wellness…..

Sure, we as Sustainocrats, sense in a different way, close to nature, awareness driven. We have changed the narrative over a decade ago. We engage worldwide with others that do the same. We have introduced a system (the transformation economy and Sustainocracy) that is not politically or power driven. It is driven by awareness, natural human values and cocreation. This is not waiting for collaps, it develops priority driven change when awareness demands for it, not need or disaster. It does not depend on lethal power hierarchies of self interest. It builds on dynamic, purpose driven, innovative and interactive clustering. We don´t need miltary or police forces to control or surpress people as we engage all into wellness driven cocreation, trust and sharing of abundance. We guide ourselves by generally accepted core values. We don´t neglect an illness, or a pandemic. We care for our people while developing health and resilience through cooperation, instead of manipulating it while stimulating stress, fear and unhealthy behavior. Sustainocracy is a different society, a new mindset, a new human natural ecosystem, a cocreation of shared wellness. And everyone is welcome to join and participate. See our basic principles again below….it is a choice

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