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International women’s day, during the whole week in Eindhoven

The first international women’s day was held in 1912 in the Netherlands. It was a solidarity response with the women accross the world, such as in Russia and America, that had been on strike for better working conditions. Now, 110 years later, there is a even larger movement to develop the feminine ethics and morals of peaceful, harmonic and symbiotic relationships among all people in the world and our natural environment. The theme of 2022 of the United Nations is:

Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow

In Eindhoven women’s day has different initiatives around town. We start on March 5th in the neighborhood of Stratum. A group of about 15 women have organized themselves to do events in and around the local gathering center.

During the week there will be online events organized by our Latin American community C.L.O. The same CL.O. is also taking care of International Women’s Day on March 12th in the Parktheater of town.

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