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Unspoken emotions passed on between generations

Hein Kuiper is online TV maker. At one stage, a few years ago, his girlfriend said that she could not deal with him anymore and asked his to relocate. The impact of her emotional outburst on him started a serie of self reflective events that brought him back to his youth, his Jewish parents and grandparents in the second world war. Recently he was invited to place so called “trip stones”, with the names of his family members that were murdered back then. Unspoken memories, pushed away by an upbringing in which the expression of emotions was not allowed. Evasion of feelings through focus on hard work became the norm. Avoidance of any confrontation with the pains suffered by the ancestors until he became aware of the unprocessed emotions inside himself. A new explosive love affair taught him about the intensity of love, breaking open all the inner barriers that had been imposed on him by his upbringing. This video is an expression of all this, depersonalized and made available to all who go through similar turmoils…..

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