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Free download The Truly Responsible Enterprise from author Tóth Gergely

Through this space, in the blog category of “books on sustainable human progress” I start to make knowledge available to you. This is part of the universal academic environment (The STIR Academy) that I am creating as part of the development of Sustainocracy as a new way of co-creating society in a value driven democratic way. In a Sustainocracy co-creative initiatives are taken in which  education is always included free of charge, not free of responsibility. Via this means you get knowledge of a new society that you can process yourself. You now have a choice between paradigms. Knowledge helps you to develop awareness on which choice provides you with the best prospects to conduct your life in an exciting and sustainable way. The authors you meet here are also invited by me to take co-responsibility when Sustainocracy extends across the world. This have the same choices as you yet through their publications they show that they are maybe a step closer.

Tóth Gergely

I met this extremely interesting Hungarian intellectual and author, Tóth Gergely, in September 2012 during the three day Euro-SPES encounter on Spirituality and Sustainability in Visegrad (Hungary). In Hungary we find many people with deep understanding on the subject but they publish in the very difficult local Hungarian language. I am very pleased to be able to share this document in English with you. Interesting to note is perhaps that Tóth also makes his work available to you free of charge, just like me and the others in the STIR Academy. We are convinced that knowledge is not just for those who can afford it but part of humankind that should be freely available and used for sustainable human progress.

Tóth Gergely

Tóth Gergely

 Download 0 The TRE here

Here you’ll find the biography of Tóth Gergely he describes himself in 2009 on the back of this work:

Tóth Gergely is a Hungarian citizen who was born in 1970. Together with his wife they bring up their four children. By education he is an economist and holds an M.Sc. in Business Administration, and a Ph.D. in environmental management. He has studied and worked for long periods in the USA, Holland, Germany, Romania and the Baltic States. He is fluent in English and German. With other collegues Tóth Gergely established the Hungarian Association for Environmentally Aware Management (KÖVET) in 1995; he remained the executive director of this NGO till 2006 and has since then acted as secretary general. He also worked as the executive director and then vice president of the International Network for Environmental Management (INEM) between 2000 and 2005. Since 2006 he has been an assistant professor at the University of Pannonia in Keszthely, teaching economics, environmental management and global trade. Tóth Gergely holds 18 honors and awards, including the ‘Pro Scientia’ prize of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, awarded in 1995. He has managed and supervised
20+ larger projects, financed by the European Union and other donor agencies. He has contributed to 30 books, has published 50 articles in professional journals and over the last 12 years has held 180 lectures in Hungarian and international conferences and training workshops. Beyond his children, his hobbies are writing, triathlon and other sports.

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