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Secrets of life 5

The universe, cycles and music

Back in the last century (the 20th) different people at different moments in time picked up the studies of Pythagoras, Galilei, and other specialists of sound such as Kepler, starting experimenting themselves with cross relationships around cyclic patterns.

One of these people was Ray Tomes in Australia who was studying economic cycles in the 70’s making use of this new instrument called “the computer”. He found a particular time rhythm in these cycles. The wave patterns in economic trends were useful for making forecasts and getting insight in the ups and downs of economies with crises, recessions, depression and strong new impulses. Tomes found a striking similarity between the economic cycles and the cyclic movements that could be observed in the universe. For some reason the number 35.6 years kept re appearing and so did fractions and multiples of it.

I already wrote about the economic cycles of Kondratieff to put them into relationship with my own model of human complexities. It was for me the first evidence that there was a relationship between cyclic patterns of economics and human patterns of collective awareness.

Tomes found that the Kondratieff cycle of 54 years could also be related to his own discovered cycle of 35.6 in a ratio 2:3. Funnily enough we have seen this ratio in music too. This is the remark Ray Tomes made in his report:

Then it struck me. These fractions of 35.6 years were in fact frequencies of 4:5:6:8 which is exactly a major chord in music. Also, the shorter cycles turned out to be exactly in the proportions of the just intonation musical scale plus a couple of back notes (E flat and B flat if we are in the key of C).

Tomes went further and found harmonic relationships that could be observed in space. A specially significant one was the number 345600 which shows the harmonic relationship between all elements in space through distance. In fact it shows that our atoms, planets, solar systems, galaxies, etc are all related through musical patterns with the number 345600 as one standing out of all of them. In fact, what Tomes interpreted was that the entire universe is one giant musical instrument. Read more about the finding of Ray Tomes here….

To understand how harmonics divide space as well as time, consider a stringed instrument. It can oscillate at a fundamental frequency which has just one wave in the string. It can also oscillate at the 2nd harmonic. In that case both the length of the string and the time of the oscillation are divided by 2. Likewise, if we could get the 34560 harmonic going in the string it would divide both the length and oscillation period by 34560.

ratios (Ray Tomes)
V     V      V     V       V       V       V       V       V       V <–of 34560

A     A      A     A       A   . .                     A       A       A <–things
Univ. Galaxies  Stars Planets  Moons  Atoms Cells  Nucleon observed

It is of course extremely interesting that there is a definite relationship between wavelength frequencies of music and the entire composition of our material universe on minute and infinite levels. With the relationship between economics and the human complexities we see that the exact same frequencies also apply to human behavior, wars, birth patterns, climate changes, weather, recessions, disasters, the evolution of our planets, the coming and going of civilizations and the influence on our own biological and organizational systems.

In the next blog lecture we will try to piece things together.



  1. Attila Lengyel says:


    Another very interesting one. What is inside is outside. If there is harmony inside you’ll find it outside as well.


    Attila Lengyel

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