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It’s happening


A lot is happening that is being seen as a crisis. But a crisis is simply a strong need and desire for renewal which is being blocked by something. The pressure builds up until it bursts into chaos. Freedom appears that allows finally for the renewal to take place. A lot of people refer to the problems as being economic. This is not so. They are very human. In fact the pressure is building up for the human being to stand up and break through. We tend to reason too much top down while freedom and renewal is found bottom up (see drawing above). The change in thinking is on its way. It’s happening.

When I interacted with people like Ervin Laszlo (Club of Budapest) and other influential people in the field of global visioning we talked about the Global Shift (Ervin)  and Quantum Leap (me). In fact, what we both refer to the need for the human being to get back onto its evolutionary tracks.

Ever since the human being broke through the first time in its self awareness a few million years ago and “became human” as opposed to “animal” we have been struggling to deal with it. We have tried to throw off our animal origins by behaving in a dominant way over our surroundings. Our surroundings were so big that the effects were hardly noticed. Meanwhile we became also dominant over our own species. Every individual has animal roots in which we thrive for growth and competition yet we also have self awareness and reflection that gradually introduced ethics, morality and responsibilities. System thinking became dominant, evolutionary thinking disappeared.

Societies became so big, and structures of control and power so dominant that for many millennia the human being was very much preoccupied suppressing its own species through all kinds of dogmatic systems such as territorial ownership, heritage of properties, systems of law, religions, financial and other systems of debt, etc. We were forced (and accepted) to live under the influences of such systems without having a choice. We weren’t even massively aware of the choice as survival prevailed over understanding. Education was reserved for the elite. Those who became too wise to support the system had to fear for their lives leaving behind just samples of their written legacies or lock themselves away from daily reality in confinement of a religious order.

Education is key
Only around the 1900’s the first public education was introduced and generalized for the entire population. This was perceived as necessary to support the growing financial system around industrial processes that needed craftsmanship in great diversity. Educating people became a public service for the system support, rather than a master – pupil relationship. As public knowledge grew also auto-determination and self awareness grew. People became more involved in their securities and well being and less fearful to the mighty, visible and invisible.

In the 50’s of last century governments started to loose territorial power due to open borders, migration of cultures and globalization of financial interests. The only dominance that was still possible was through the evolution of local services, taxation of consumer patterns and a certain degree of regulation. The governments could not cope anymore with the complexity of society and started to introduce degrees of civilian involvement in the decision making processes.

The civilians became more and more aware and knowledgeable even though the involvement was still very much being influenced and manipulated by the systems of power and debt imposed by financial systems, hierarchies and churches. Meanwhile all kinds of people started to become aware of their natural spiritual origins and universal freedom. They became aware what it is to be a human being in the full, with absolute freedom and not simply a puppet in the system. They also became aware that this freedom comes with responsibilities too. This human being does not accept debt anymore nor systems of control and imposition. This human being understands that values need to be created through taking responsibility together.

The appearance of the internet in the early ’90’s helped make information available to everyone with the freedom of interpretation of the many “truths” that circulate. The pollution of our environment is growing, we see global warming, climate changes, multicultural migrations and clashes, the unethics of systems of debt to control people, etc. We live longer due to the exponentially growing medical and scientific knowledge with access to abundance presented by the artificial systems that surround us. We also become gradually aware of the destructive forces of these systems on our own health, social stability and natural resources.

People become spiritually aware that their natural human freedom is demanding to take responsibility and let go of the dominance that surrounds us. Many people feel this surge of inner freedom but often falsely interpret it as disturbing and fearful against their perceived systems dependence. They are neglecting their own natural feelings out fear for the unknown and their sense of security to reason from the system’s reality. Also the system’s professionals have difficulties with the demanding population that does not simply accept policies but demands explanations and often also take a different standpoint, willing to stand up against systems lack of morality.

In reality our true biological and spiritual human nature seeks ways to freedom and purpose to regain our evolutionary tracks. We realize deep inside that we have deviated too much, have created a self destructive dependency and now look for a new balance that challenges the system’s rational.

“Hi, I am human”
When I take the stand and talk to people I say “hi, I am a human!” They look at me surprised as they tend to reason first from their own hierarchical position and profession, then their citizenship and hardly reach out to consider their condition of “human being” and true freedom. It has been neglected and suppressed. 

By inviting them to reason with me as a human being things change. We are a biological self aware creature of flesh and blood, that depends on its educated relationship with its environment, according to universal laws of health, safety and self determination. When people open up to that a new world appears to them. Then the Global Shift, the Quantum Leap happens inside them. They suddenly realize and become willing to deal with citizenship and professionalism from the human perspective (bottom up) rather than the system’s perspective (top down).

Experimenting with the new democracy, Sustainocracy, we even structure a new society around this human perspective, respecting the old one partially, as we need certain systems from specialized functions they carry for us to use as instruments. We cause a transformation of society from the dominant blocking to one that is transparent cooperative. 

It does not happen all at once. It occurs with small steps, sometimes large boosts, all together, involving people who understand in all kinds of positions in society. When I started with this 15 years ago it was not yet possible and I stood alone. Now I can create real Sustainocratic ventures with top executives from government, science and business, involving people all over. I invite them as human beings first and than ask them to use their professional authority. In any case we see the process speeding up fast. The key steps for our liberation from our own selves were:

1750’s – industrialization

1900’s – education for all

1950’s – participation in policies

1990’s – un-manipulated self awareness through internet

2010’s – first sustainocratic ventures placing the human being at the center. Taking responsibility.

Conclusion: The human being is finally becoming aware what it is to be human in freedom.

It’s happening…….!

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