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Sustainocratic STIR Academy

The STIR Academy is entirely positioned in the world of Sustainocracy. What does this mean?

1. Invites rather than sells

The academy does not sell teaching programs. It invites people and organizations to take responsibility for sustainable human progress and take the learning from there as an investment into a new reality. This may start with a financial investment just to become aware of what it exactly means but as awareness evolves the investment transforms from financial to commitment in co-creation.

2. Helps develop excellence in change

Our societies are very much concentrated on selling rather than taking human based responsibilities. When we are invited to take responsibility it is always related to a “change for progress” instead of “sales for progress”. The attitude, competences and commitment are totally different from the transaction environment.

3. Helps develop excellence in multidisciplinary co-creation

Various co-creation structures to produce value are appearing in society. From an economic perspective (transaction economy) we see for instance Triple Helix (government, business and education) work together. From a societal human wealth perspective (transformation economy)  we see Sustainocracy (government, business. education and civilization). Multidisciplinary co-creation has very specific advantages over mono-disciplinary co-creation ( eg business + business, government + government). In such co-creation process all participants invest in the creation with means. This is not just money but also technology, authority, infrastructures, people, talents, etc.  And the groups can invest in knowledge and guidance in the processes of multidisciplinary co-creation. Then they take STIR Academy among the disciplines.

4.  Helps deal with the two worlds

In real life we deal with change to be able to grow. Both worlds interact. How to deal with both worlds effectively as a person or institution needs to be acknowledged, addressed, structured and implemented. Change and growth are incompatible together and yet form an unavoidable bondage. Dealing with both together requires entrepreneurship, no matter where it takes place and who deals with it. Any human being deals with this on a daily basis as a person but gets into difficulties when applying it to professional fragmentation and specializations in any sector.

STIR Academy helps with all four issues but does this from “the other side”.

You can see the STIR Academy as a self growing organism connected through sustainable human progress driven purpose (food, health, safety, applied knowledge, self sufficiency) and local Triple Helix and Sustainocratic venture development.

STIR Academy is a self growing structure around multidisciplinary co-creation

STIR Academy is a self growing structure around multidisciplinary co-creation

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