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Happiness, what’s that?

The October open public evening lecture of the STIR Academy dealt with “happiness”. Why is happiness so important to us? What is it? How can we produce it?

Happiness is key for progress. It represents an inner feeling that is hard to describe in words. The sensation can occur at any time and even under the strangest circumstances. It feels like a sort of joy yet it is more than that. In reality happiness is produced by¬†endorphin’s, a set of hormones that are released by the brain under certain circumstances. It helps to develop our self esteem to address the challenges of life. In fact, happiness is an evolutionary development right from our single cell origins of life, and even further back: the very first harmonic connection between molecules to produce life.

One of the previous STIR lectures dealt with the “secretes of life” and the harmonic musical relationship between elements that are attracted to each other under extremely specific circumstances. They do not fuse or react but combine harmonically into something called “life”. This unique format of interconnection produces a standard frequency to which certain elements are attracted. In fact this molecular “musicality” of attraction is what triggers the endorphin in our body. It defines “purpose” on the unconscious levels, which we then try to figure out at the level of consciousness. Since we are blessed with self reflection we interpret the injection as pleasant which helps us learn and understand our progress in a pleasant way.

Happiness is hence produced by interaction of our senses with our molecular musical origins. That is why we can react with happiness when seeing certain colors, smelling certain smells or hear a certain sound. We can experience this happiness over and over again when we recall this trigger in our memory. There are various large fields of activity that make us happy and each field has to do with our living organic essentials:

    • Food

Eating itself makes us feel happy. It is not just the mere consumption but also the activity of achieving food, preparing it and the satisfaction of eating and having eaten. Food is also a team exercise of the human being that makes us challenge each other in competition and join forces in productivity and consumption. In many cultures eating together is a daily ritual of happiness.

    • Reproduction

The selection process of finding a mating partner, sexual activities, having children and raising them is a process of continuous joy and happiness. The inner excitement, the courtship, the surrendering, the development of a family and experiences of trust and togetherness, are key happiness values that push us towards reproduction in a positive way despite the worries, reduced levels of personal freedom and commitment to a single partner. We find harmony inside and outside through contrasts and excitement.

The voyage through life produces happiness

The voyage through life produces happiness

    • Accomplishment

The voyage of life is full of obstacles. The experience of happiness is produced at the excitement of a prospect to do something, even if the adventure only takes place in our minds. The living fact of undertaking action through the expectation of certain results makes us feel happy throughout the entire process: the prospect, the trajectory, the achievement and the permanent memory.

Happiness is a true engine in life that makes us overcome fear, worries and insecurity. The positive tends to win from the negative, producing a forward sense of progression and even accept defeat through the happiness of having tried. Succeeding in complex challenges is taking the best out of people.

Music, accomplishment, teamwork

    • Environment

Our natural environment is part of our physical and spiritual nature and origins. We are a living combination of everything that surrounds us. We are earth, wind, water and fire, combined through senses. We take a special joy in experiencing our roots through observation and interaction. We enjoy the colors, smells, feeling, tastes etc of nature. It provokes our instincts to express ourselves through art, movement, dance and music. Our happiness makes us create communities and cultures that are as diverse as nature itself.

Colors and natural harmony produces feelings of happiness

Colors and natural harmony produces feelings of happiness

When we summarize happiness we come to a large set of key words that are all part of our continuous quest for harmony by addressing the challenges of life in a pleasant way. We enjoy every step forward, every achievement and cherish every positive memory. There is absolutely no reason why a normal healthy person should not be happy every moment of the day, learn to become aware of it and take joy in living life through managing it even in the most adverse conditions.

Happiness overcomes crises

Our economic world is in crisis. We see ourselves surrounded by the effects of a transaction based society focused on consumption and debt. Broken up families, individualism, loneliness, manipulation around debt, etc have become the unhappy rule of a lifestyle in which happiness was based on creating differences, the having and taking, selfishness. We see cities full of people who don’t know each other. The natural harmony has been severely broken up and people do not even know it anymore. Sense of happiness is sought in artificial tools for excitement such as over-consumption, alcohol, drugs and attractions parks. The more financial wealth the less happy people tend to get. The larger the debts the bigger the unhappiness. In our natural essence debt does not even exist. It is an unnatural inhibitor of happiness. Our societies are based now entirely on financial dependence eliminating natural inner happiness by placing fake happiness triggers around us as consumables. It makes people blunt, unaware and often even emotionally sick.

When however a financial crisis strikes the human being discovers again its natural origins and starts taking joy in the warmth of the community and the challenge of addressing life through creativity and purpose. It is happiness that solves the crises not capital injections, rules or debt systems. Despite all negative communication through the media about financial disasters we see large groups of people discover happiness and develop communities based on the values of joy and happiness rather than materialism. Happiness is produced by the voyage through life, the sharing and giving, the positive and our sense of progression. Indeed money does not make anyone happy. It may produce some sense of security in a money driven society but true happiness is found inside, right at the molecular basis of our being that arose billions of years ago when money, systems and societies had not yet even been invented. Happiness is the oldest feeling ever of the evolution of species and comes even well before fear.

STIR Academy

The academy invites people to a world of human health, safety and self sufficiency. The awareness of our feelings and the origins and purpose of our senses, including happiness, is key to produce sustainable human progress. Through emotional, spiritual, rational and physical interaction, research and awareness programs people

A sense of freedom is key to experience happiness to the full.

A sense of freedom is key to experience happiness to the full.

are invited to let go of their systems dependence and reconnect by taking responsibility of their own. People who break through in higher self awareness become active in sustainocratic ventures where sustainable human progress is the same as personal wealth.

Happiness programs are key for children's education

Happiness programs are key for children’s education

Happiness is easy, available everywhere, free of charge and always at hand when needed

Happiness is easy, available everywhere, free of charge and always at hand when needed. Just open up to it by letting go of all inhibitors….

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