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Why we need money to show that we don’t need it

Sales tradition

We experience in our daily business life a money driven culture. We just tend to want to sell each other our products and services. So when I invite people to join a Sustainocratic cooperation they tend to ask two things to judge their opportunity: “Do you have a budget? What is your need?”. When I say that I have no budget nor direct need they often regard me as a waste of time.

Two type of economy

Two type of economy


Sustainocratic cooperative

This is a venture that takes responsibility for co-creation of something of true human value. One example is AiREAS that co-creates a “health city with healthy air”. AiREAS is entirely in the Transformation Economy but works with partners that excel in the Transaction Economy. Involved are all instruments that shape a human society: government, business, education, population.

We start with the higher purpose (healthy city) and work our way back to what we would like to modify today (priority). We start with an empty table and a powerful reason to be together. What the motivation us of the ones present is up to each of the partners. Their contradictions are usually their combined strengths. Together we define one or more projects and allocate resources. This is not just money. Also technology, manpower, knowledge, etc is allocated. Stip-step we call the process. It is focused on change.

Two economies, two different way to work

The transaction economy is focused on growth. Growth is a management issue and success is determined by rational wit, efficiency and control. Sales in a transaction environment is based on “solving problems”.

Management versus leadership

Management versus leadership


Change requires vision, guts and passion to go from one situation to a better one. Change is an investment around a responsibility of values that can be created. Transformation deals with an opportunity, not a problem.

Money needed, no money needed

In a transaction environment money is always needed to exchange for problem solving valuables. In a transformation environment no money is needed because there is no exchange of values, values are created. This requires talents and authority.

The two worlds need each other

Changes produces values that can be enlarged through sales within the growth environment of the world of transactions. The transactions world needs continuous renewal from the transformation world to avoid its saturation. We see in business (also in government) the tendency of unbalancing leadership and management. Management has the tendency of using a situation as unlimited cash cow. Leadership always wants the excitement of risk and change. Together they balance out very well but need totally different personalities to deal with the situation.

Two complementing worlds

Two complementing worlds

 When change is avoided

There are many situations when change is avoided. This is the case with national economies and their current tax infrastructures, or banks with their outstanding long term investments. Change will challenge their outstanding commitment and introduce risks. Many governments and banks cannot address change even if they wanted to. When hierarchies are built around growth, change is out of the question, even if it promises a new path for growth. Management people in power are more worried about what they can loose than what they can win.

Things change when a society is in long term crisis. When the old instruments do not work anymore new ones need to be tested and allowed. So when I introduced Sustainocracy as an engine of Transformative Change, it was dealt with as if it were Transactional. I invited people in business, government and science and they asked me how much they could grow in money making? Many even did not want to come aboard the venture if there was no money put upfront.

Transformation fund

AiREAS started with nothing more than a higher purpose and lots of passion and vision. Now we establish a transformation fund that is used for only one thing: to provide a sense of peace of mind to the transaction driven participants. They need to know that money is there for payment even through the fund is not touched. When values have been created in the AiREAS processes they are so unique and valuable to the rest of the world that each of the partners gets a fair share of wealth back. We even fill up the transformation fund with royalties before we need to pay out our participating partners. We show them that to create value we need no money, just confidence in our selves and a good reason to work together.

Money is a proof of valuable change used by those who follow leadership through effective problem solving management. In the STIR Foundation we opened now a transformation fund just to be able to increase our ambitions in the field of societal change for sustainable human progress. The higher the fund the more value we can create and the less funding we really need. Weird but just part of the time we live in.

Information? Just contact me: jp@stadvanmorgen.com





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