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Choosing your own blindfold

Today I received a short story of the Belgium system critic Werner van Ginneken (in Dutch). He defined the Sustainocrat as someone who is the same as everyone else but at the other side of “the wall”. This drawing summarizes his story.

Drawing by Gerard Putman

Which blindfold do you choose?

It is funny to see that it clarifies the current democratic structure of political parties that all defend the same financial system of consumer debt and dependencies by offering the population their own colored blindfold before letting them crash and try again after some care taking.

When I showed the picture to Werner he referred to another drawing that he had loved. I tried to find it but could not. It shows a river with someone walking at one side while seeing someone else at the other side in an apparent state of great happiness. “How do I get to the other side?” the person calls out to the happy one. “You are already there!” ¬†was the response.


We tend to create our own obstacles by accepting and supporting the irrational of systems or looking at the happiness of others rather than our own. Freedom from blindfolds is not yet a Sustainocrat but a good basis to become one.

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