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What is a Sustainocrat?

A Sustainocrat is someone who simply accepts his/her biological nature in the diversity of living life with our key responsibility to keep it healthy, safe and progressive through proper interaction with our surroundings. This understanding gives a mindset that affects the way the Sustainocrat addresses every day’s realities and choices. It also determines the way we address a job, responsibility or authority within society. Everything is fine when society respects our highest ethical and environmental values but become an issue when not.

When needed the Sustainocrat inside us stands up and shows Sustainable Leadership, addressing the issues with authority and determination.

A few examples:

Hi, I am a bunch of molecules from nature that decided to come alive and become a human being

Hi, I am a bunch of molecules from nature that decided to come alive and become a human being: ME

A Sustainocrat realizes that if we pollute our environment we also pollute our biological selves. The consequences do not just affect our quality of life through undesired illnesses, it also makes economies collapse. So we need to take responsibility for what we eat, drink, breath and how we interact with our natural surroundings. The institutions that serve humankind need to do so with holistic ethics as a guidance, not just consumption.

A Sustainocrat makes purpose drive use of the instruments that humankind created over time (products, politics, economics, organizations, etc). The are the toolbox of a Sustainocrat, not the other way around like certain system dynamics want us to believe. The Sustainocrat uses these instruments for human benefit and symbiotic harmony with our environment.

We find Sustainocrats everywhere in society, at any level, age and authority, doing normal work as a citizen, even at the highest level of societal systems. We use our influence according our understanding and beliefs. A Sustainocrat from Belgium said: “Sustainocrats are not smarter or better than anyone else, they simply have the awareness that anyone can cross the door through the “system’s wall” where the old problems do not exist”.

Sustainocrats take self aware responsibility together through purpose driven, multidisciplinary alliances when our key responsibilities are in jeopardy anywhere in the world. We do not challenge the system, we just focus on 5 key issues, and invite influential leaders and Sustainocrats of the system to go along. 

  1. Health
  2. Safety
  3. Applied knowledge
  4. Food
  5. Self sufficiency

Together the system is innovated using human natural and universal dynamics, well before it collapses into chaos and disaster. Sustainocrats are peaceful transformers when needed, using talents, conviction, perseverance, authority and teamwork when needed. The transformation process causes the renewal of the economy and a new boost. 

Key responsibilities are taken together when needed!

Key responsibilities are taken together when needed

The awareness of a Sustainocrat is new. Until now the actions of humankind have never produced such massive destruction of our habitat. Global issues produced by our consumer economics and dependence demand responsibilities triggered from our living molecular reality, not the system’s reality. The network of Sustainocrats is growing as a human transformative movement in any business, government, educational, etc institution. As a grows and takes responsibility the balance is regained as well.

Before tension grows unsustainable the Sustainocrat already units to take measures.

Before tension grows unsustainable the Sustainocrat already units to take measures.

People use their profession and citizenship to safeguard our biological well being by influencing the surroundings, creating co-operations like in the picture and taking responsibility at home and at work. After all, where ever we are we are a biological human being first. Neglecting this will only affect our own selves. Sustainocrats will draw the attention to it anywhere in the world allowing us to positively use our instruments (technology, organizations, knowledge, etc) for our sustainable progress instead of discomfort and disaster.

If you recognize yourself in the above you are a Sustainocrat too. Just say it so others connect when needed. When we address the Sustainocrat inside us we have nothing to sell, just to give: our talent and responsibility. We do that when things are important to us, like life itself.

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