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5 levels of consciousness – level 2

Level 2: Competition
This level of consciousness arrives when we need to learn how to survive in a competitive world. A child will enter this phase as soon as he/she is relating to other children of a similar age “this is mine!!!”. The child compares the own abilities with those of others trying to emulate behavior, experimenting to do things too and trying to do it better. “Look what I can do!”

Entering the consciousness phase of competition does not stop the phase of growth. It simply adds a new dimension to it. Competition is a key vehicle of inner and group chaos that initiates the Darwinistic selection processes of the quickest, smartest, most likable,  etc. Our consciousness evolves by learning how to find out about our own strength and abilities through interpretation and relativation. Life and survival become significant and relevant to the evolution of our understanding. At the level of childhood we do this under the protective guidance of adults. When we are adult we are expected to do it by ourselves. Establishing communities helps us by agreeing to common values and rules (culture), also for competition (You will not kill. You are faithful to your partner. Etc).

How we deal with the community and its functioning individually in a conscious way is level 4. Before that we deal with society as if it were the only reality of life without consciously questioning it.

This short video shows competition in the wild in a natural way. We see both growth and competition interact beautifully with different community cultures interacting and a courageous community driven outcome.

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