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The first Local AiREAS in Eindhoven (Holland) is a precedent of co-creation around  local hotspots of global attention. In this case the attention went to the effects of air pollution on our health due to direct (exposure) and indirect (global warming) consequences.

Air quality -> Human health

Air quality -> Human health

Working together in a purpose driven way by creating Local AiREAS in other cities, and a network of interaction between them all, demands a transparent reflection which we try to achieve via the new International Blog.


We describe the earliest experiences in Eindhoven including the difficulties that we had to overcome to make it happen. Such difficulties can also be expected elsewhere in the world. We can learn from each other buy anticipation, sharing best practice and inspiration.

Feel free to follow the development of the global AiREAS movement to create healthy cities and wellness based communities, at its earliest phase of pioniership and growth. If you feel professionally or personally committed to the higher purpose or know people who are feel free to connect and develop with us the entrepreneurship 21st century for sustainable human progress.

Sustainable human progress

Sustainable human progress

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