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Instantaneous pain relief with walnuts

Gal blader and the intestine
This weekend I suffered again severe pain in my abdomen. I knew where it came from. 6 years ago my gal blader was removed and since then I had these horrible moments of painful intestinal disorder. My guts stopped, probably caused by some food or drink combination. For 4 days life would stop for me until the whole machinery would somehow switch itself on again.

Obviously I had started to watch my lifestyle and even quit drinking alcohol for 3 years! This no one ever expected me to do. My social drinking was nototious and probably the prime cause of the gal blader removal anyway. So you can imagine how fearful I was to the 4 days of pain to let that pleasure go. Hospital visites revealed no issues in the stomage or intestines.

This weekend it happened again. My guts were blocked and pain emerged. In our FRE2SH farm project we deal with walnuts as part of the food of the future. We have 3 full grown trees and try to figure out what to do with the yearly abundance of those trees.


I even had a pot full myself of last years harvest. As I could not eat a proper meal I decided to put a nut into my mouth. Instantly the pain in my belly soothened. I was very much surprised. The effect was instantaneous and I had not even started to chew or swallow!

When I did the pain disappeared completely and my intestines felt as if they were triggered in a way.

To me this miraculous effect could be explained through my own molecular lectures about life. But experiencing it directly was not only a relief but also a motivator to go ahead with FRE2SH as a self sufficient community for food and energy.

Aparently, according some subsequent internet research, the gal liquid has various functions, not just helping digest types of fat. It triggers the functioning of the intestines. My gal bladder was removed so any excess gal production would have be absorbed by small vessels. They could easily get blocked somehow causing the intestinal machinery to stop. The walnut got it all going again by being a gal flow stimulus.

Miraculous experience. If you have a food related medical experience please let me know. I will gladly blog about it and collect the stories for testing or awareness purposes in our FRE2SH activities.

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