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State has responsibility in climate issues

Yesterday I wrote about “redefining human complexities” and today history is written as court rules against the Dutch State for doing too little in response to the emissions that cause climate change. The court case was started against the State by the Dutch Urgenda foundation in 2012. It uses the Oslo indications that states carry constitutional responsibility to protect their citizens and that sufficient instruments are applicable to demand this through court. Today they won!

Court hurries in explaining that they do not interfer with politics and only demand minimum level of the global scientific recommendation to reduce by 25% to 40% the emmissions of 2020 compared to 1990. The court ruled that the Dutch State was doing too little to reach that minimum.

It remains worrying of course that justice is still submisive to politics when relating to humanitarian issues of survival of the species. The issue of different ethics, the one universally imposed by evolutionary survival and responsibility and the one demanding loyalty to a political economic system, will remain one to be solved. Maybe this court pronouncement is a step into the right direction.

To be continued……


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