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Equality, solidarity and love

Again the world is shocked by the events in Kabul, London and many other places. When we study the miracle of life at molecular or even smaller level we arrive at energetic patterns that we have associated with those intense feelings referred to as “love”. This largely inexplicable sensation unites molecules, people and species in a symbiotic bond for sustainable evolutionary progress. Over time people developed stories and rituals around it in an attemped to name the bonding as an act of a universal God. The diversity of these stories, captured in religious formats, is a blessing that unites people and establishes care, compassion and warm connectivity through habbits, festivities and rituals.

The beauty of this diversity of group unification is disturbed by people who use this diversity as a differentiation and judgement, often with self interests as motivator to create fear, disconnection, hate and chaos. Such conditions of instability may serve their specific evil interests over the back of our natural quest for peace and stability. There is only one way to address this attack on our natural wellness:

  • We mourn our losses through moments of silence and reflection,
  • We actively show equality, compassion and love by gathering and hugging each other publically no matter where we come from, what story we adhere to or how we stand in life. When it comes to safety and harmony we are in it together.

At 16.00 we gather to make this statement, no matter where we are in the world and repeat this as often as we need to show evil that love only strengthens when it shows its face.

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