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Being human to the full at level 4 community development

Human psychology of wellness defines four stage of awareness. More and more sense this reality and get confused with society as it is. In the confuse people stand up to make a difference. Sustainocracy is level 4.

stageindividual lifetimehistory humankind
1Living unaware of wellnesssmall childhoodearliest humankind in our cradle
2Living unaware competitionteenager childhoodwhen humankind grew and cultures met
3Living aware of competitionearly adulthoodwhen humankind grew massively
4Living aware of wellnesssenior adulthoodfacing anthropocene
Our four stages
Our baby is receiving protective wellness from the parents

As individuals we grow into the awareness stages in a single lifetime, level 4 only in a limited number of cases. As am old fashioned family we tend to act naturally at level 4 community interaction because of the presence of all generations and reference stages. Modern broken up families tend to act on level 2 or 3, which is harmful for children to grow up in. At society level this is much more complicated. Relatively small communities over time may have seen all kinds of variations, including early level 4 harmonic examples. However “modern” western society is very much level 2 and 3, trying to globalize level 3 over the last few hundred years out of greedy self interest.

It takes a huge amount of time (millions of years) to reach level 4 as a global human society. This is simply because of the long term lack of connection between the emerging and learning cultural islands. When communities bounce into each other the tendency of competition prevails. Only when the human world is connected, and competition does not provide satisfaction anymore, level 4 can be achieved. The good news is that we may have reached this point now.

Most individuals remain stuck between 2 and 3 in their lifetime. Some manage to break through into 4. There is a 5th (divine wellness) which is only for the very limited few that manage to reach such enlightment. For global humankind at the current level of population, lifestyle and hierarchical governamce, sticking at levels 2 or 3 is lethal due to self elimination, caused by some hierarchical few. Hence the current anthropocene. Either we break through to level 4 or we will suffer a large extinction of our species.

In the phase 2 and 3 it is very difficult to value ourselves as we tend to blindly mirror image our abilities against that of others. Our current lifetime, still very much into the competitive environment of self interest, is firmly and dangerously located in stage 3. This has been the case already for 1000’s of years, maybe even over 20.000 years for some communities around the world. In such societal lifetime it is very difficult to remind ourselves that we are human beings, a species built up out of natural resources, living in interaction with other natural species and dominated by peace, love and positive energy. Our current lives have been marked by generations of increasing city presence, taking a distance from those natural origins in order to function in the fake make belief “garden of eden” called capitalist consumerism. Opposed to the real Garden of Eden (the abundance of nature) this fake one is not for free. It gives away its goodies, that were stolen from nature, only against a price. To obtain the key (called money, invented by people, not nature) to the perceived or believed wellness we need to enslave ourselves competitively within a destructive world referred to (wrongly, since its real meaning is different) as the economy of growth.

We only realize it is fake, misusing us as slaves, when we cross the line of level 4. Talking to people within level 2 or 3 is communicating to deaf persons ears. Their only reference is the stress of their dependence, their competitive push to perform in an unreal environment. Their real, natural senses are blocked, not necessarily by the manipulative nature of societal structuring, yet by the phase of awareness they are in. Societal structuring is also a consequence of this phase, not just malpractice of a few people. Most people that govern such society are also in the phase 2 or 3, blindfolded or tunnel visioned of the consequences and fully mindblocked by their own selfinterest or the institution they serve.

Blind fragmented goals and dependence in a competitive way make us blind for the holistic consequences. Unless we step out (see “me”)

Now that we arrive at an era in which more and more people break through into level 4 at individual level, we also see a tendency that institutional and/or regional governance gets into the hands of such people. This shows an evolution in our regional development, with more eye for our care for each other and our natural environment, simply because we learn to live consciously instead of competing. That is the moment that we realize again what it is like to be fully human. We open up to positive emotions, true love, peace and fearless harmony. Sustainocracy was born like this and engages with level 4 awareness around the world, developing communities together with local leadership at this same level. It happens at this stage only at regional level, often in the field of relatively small communities where the ghetto of competitive corruption, silo structured manipulation and level 3 hierarchies can be overseen and counteracted by the level 4 harmony driven leadership.

Level 4 (awareness driven) regional development requires the support of newly formulated laws in order to calm down the natural aggression of level 3 influencers, competitive tricks and lobbies. Level 3 is causing social disruption, poverty, inequality and pollution (all expressed in the SDG’s of the United Nations). Once such new laws are in place, the competitive aggression can be regulated. In the past level 3 business enterprises would move geographically when confronted with level 4 regulations in certain areas. We can see such evolution across the world over the last few decades and identify the organizations that made themselves guilty of such mal practice. In our zero tolerance declaration we gradually protect ourselves from such organized preditors at the expense of our common integral wellness.

Level 4 is evolution

Being human at level 4 requires a totally different approach to society as the level 2 and 3 formats where we come from. And we gradually see level 4 emerge as small mushrooms in the collapsing field of level 3 dominance. This doesnot mean that levels 1, 2 and 3 are eliminated. No, it means that level 4 will eventually become dominant and gives space to 1, 2 and 3, limiting its expression to enhance the learning while minimizing the disturbance. A new education format emerges as well, one in which harmony, compassion, empathy, care, are more valuable than calculus or subordination. The next stage of human presence on Earth and among each other can then be peaceful, harmonious and sustainocratic for many thousands of years to come.


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