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Cities discover nature again for their sustainability challenges

With gratitud to all those videomakers that show us cities around the world and the way they deal with their sustainability priorities, explaining also their motives and progress. Sharing these stories and innovations may inspire other cities to do the same.

We will recognize some of the essential core values of Sustainocracy however still explained from a sustainable (re)positioning of the city in question. It is only a matter of time for the human and city sustainability issues to get interwoven at level 4 to cover the entire spectrum of the shared responsibilities.

Tucson / Arizona – North America

Observe how a citizen took “illegal steps” to break the side walks of the roads for water management and restoring green oasis in his neighborhood. Now it is not illegal anymore. We can even see the innovation back in the greening plans of New York in the next video. The core value here is of course water. It shows the responsibility of the population and their usage of water for their lawns, pools, etc. It is also interesting to see how young families choose to move to urban spaces that are closer to their own family values of health and safety at affordable prices. If cities want to remain attractive for residents then these are points of attention.

New York

Inspiration from nature and working together with nature is saving New York gradually from severe problems caused by heavy rain fall and storms. This huge city of nearly 9 million people and 66 million yearly visitors needs to invest heavily on its sustainability issues.


This video produced by Singapore itself is showing the sustainability challenges a city has when it wants to attend its many functions, which are not all seen from a sustainable human perspective. The limited space of the Singapore island stimulates creativity. Good to see the self sustaining steps in local food too. Remarkable is the passion of the people leading these transformations. It shows guts, great teamwork and clear understanding of their mission.

Mexico city

One of the most inspiring and disturbing images in this video is the one about the ancient Tenochtitlan, as the city was called upon it foundation in 1325 by the Aztecs. Inspiring, because it shows its fully regenerative, sustainocratic functioning back then. Disturbing, because with all our “modernization” since the Spanish occupation, all this disappeared and needs to be reinvented.

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