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Food forests, a solution for exterme drought

It is disturbing to see that we need severe global climate crises to bring common sense to our food system. Today a Dutch paper headed: Food forest is the solution for the extreme drought. Amazing that for decades we have cut half the world´s tree population for single crop food, biofuel, animal food production. All for the sake of a political financial dominance, creating world dependence or deadly poverty where there was regional food resilience before. It is causing massive climate disturbance, water shortages alternating with servere and devastating floods, hunger in the world, destruction of natural habitats and food supplies for local people. And now suddenly “food forests are THE solution“! Shame on global greed.

One of the most active countries in restoring their tree population is China. Their approach has been as industrial as their economy. On the other hand it shows commitment and a huge amount of lessons to learn.

In our online OSFD discussion this month, about re-storing our food resilience, we dealt with our natural right to be self sufficient as communities. This is only possible if our habitats are not destroyed by the industrial capitalist monsters of single crop productivity. It will not be long before such practices will be fought in court and it is only a matter of time until they are criminalized. Again, it is absurde that we need to go to court to defend our right to live in harmony with our planet.

Our FRE2SH cooperative approach is to bring all stakeholders (citizens, farmers, government, science) to the table together. The mission is to restore our regional resilience by working together with the laws of nature for our food, water, health and safety. We leverage food to the level of shared responsibility instead of a commercial and speculative commodity.

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