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Food for everyone in the world. Announcing a worldwide transformative food dialogue and community initiative.

In our world defined as Sustainocracy (sustainable human progress and real time democracy) we see food as a shared responsibility, a core value for human wellness, not as an industrialized commodity accessible only through financial means. The responsibility requires our engagement, attention, close cooperation with our natural environment and the modern application of knowledge and technologies where necessary.

Transformative dialogue and impuls

In June 2022 we start the FRE2SH worldwide dialogue and transformative impuls. We will share videos about insights, initiatives of regional self sufficiency and cocreation, usefull and innovative techniques, best practices, etc. We also establish monthly online dialogues, together with experts, on how to apply these techniques effectively in different environments in the world. We also invite our participants to share their experiences, the bottlenecks and their successes in the community.

Our global partner is the Online School of Food Design (OSFD) where this dialogue will be offered against a small community participation fee with which we can finance the videos and support people around the world to participate even if they lack the financial means but share the intentions.

The sustainocratic objective is: Healthy food in abundance for everyone on Earth without the destruction of our habitat and with the engagement of everyone (shared responsibility). Together we will eliminate hunger for ever, restore our productive relationship with nature and assure food abundance by establishing a food awareness and health culture. 

Are you already active in this field? Please join. Are you intending to become active? Please join. Are you just curious? Please join. Are you a city designer, a landscape designer, a new age 4 x WIN entrepreneur, a city executive, a farmer wishing to address things in a different way, a worried citizen, etc? Please join. Drop us a note (personal data and motivation) on jp@stadvanmorgen.com and we will inform you about it all in more detail.

Together we can make a difference!


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