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You can say it but if you don’t present an alternative no one will listen.

From the Holos project, a presentation by Dr. John Anderson

During our scientific EuroSpes encounter on “Place based Ethics, Sustainability and Spirituality” in the beautiful city of Urbino in Italy, I was pleasantly surprised to hear presentations about leaving our crumbling comfort zone to find a safer common ground. My own presentation was about “breaking with our (capitalist, money dependent, politically mismanaged) heritage”. I introduced my audience into my own business as unusual, unusual for others but very usual for me, referred to as Sustainocracy.

It was good to see that intellectually people were approaching “my world” of commonly shared values. The common good was finally defined as “the entire living world” and new business ideas were proposed to address and respect that common good adequately. A bit like our own sustainocratic 4 x WIN method, but not quite as far yet. It was good to see that the idea of business schools developing around the common good became a point of attention. Refreshing because only a couple of years ago this proposition was perceived as “impossible to achieve”.

Powerful presentations of business entities in the process to 4 x WIN were showing that business education is lagging behind.

Also scientists from the world of theology reflected about the role of religion and need for adjustment.

The theological theory seems to be practical enough as presented by Michal Paluch of the Angelicum Pontifical University of St. Thomas in Rome
However in the field of human weaknesses the abuse of power is real. The Roman Catholic Church has been a role model for the organization of multinationals. The same human weaknesses are also observed there.

So in every field of our old pillars of society: society, capitalism, democracy, religion, justice, media, etc fundamental transformative change is needed. But we can say it one million times. Everyone will knod in agreement and then continue what they have been doing all the time. If no alternative is presented then business as usual will remain the mainstream. Until it collapses into the biggest chaos ever.

Madhumita Chatterji (ABBS School of Management) shows a leadership comparison between level of values and level of skills.

The above is a similar drawing as the ones used in Sustainocracy to position our alternative in the quadrant of high values (ethics) and skills (multidisciplinary authenticity). The complexity is not just to understand the ideal. It is to get those in manipulative and dangerous positions to let go. Luckily it is our experience in our core values driven communities, that among the elite there are many that are very much inclined to accept the invitation to the values driven quadrant and do their best effort to make it grow in the process.

They do need the positive invitation to make the choice.

(Jean-Paul Close)

And someone has to formulate that choice. This is what we have been doing successfully for the last decades for all stakeholders involved. Many of our visitors said, when observing this way of evolutionary working: “It exists, now we want it too”. Well why not? Who or what stops you to make the step? We can help….

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