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Self aware citizens that take climate action

Today I videotaped a few people in Eindhoven with their short 30 seconds to 1 minute pitch about what they do, their motivation and climate impact. Enjoy the citizen’s empowerment and engagement. Their messages will be collected and taken to the climate conference in Glasgow, COP26.

1. Meet Joyce. She organizes a climate festival once a year.

2. Meet Peter. He just turns things around. If I can throw litter on the ground, I can pick it up too. It is a choice. If millions of people make this positive choice, the world will become a great and clean place again…

3. Meet Eva. She is member of the city council and explains her political and personal commitment to climate actions…

4. Meet Rik. Together with his neighbors they set up a car sharing cooperation. 15 people, just 2 cars!

5. Meet Roxanne. She enjoys to help people in awareness of their own potential in climate actions. She uses a game.

6. Meet Joris. He used to be angry and disappointed, until he joined a group in which he can make a positive difference.

7. Meet Anuj. He invites people to talk about trash management in order to see if help is needed.


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