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5 levels of consciousness – level 5

We are always in search for harmony. The unconscious challenge we face when we live our life is that our world is constantly on the move. Change is the big constant we need to deal with. In order to get what we need to live we need to be on the move too. We tend to feel a constant drive as if we are in permanent disharmony. The 5th level is an awakening into the understanding the mechanisms of harmony, beginning with our own selves.

The underlying 4 levels are mere experience building exercises of our consciousness. When we are acting within the fields of growth, competition, change or organisation we feel occupied, challenged, maybe even powerful. We tend to feel that winning, more and more, are our purpose in life. We act short term, fearful to what we can loose, worried and influenced by all kinds of external powers. We only seem to be happy when we have things, preferably a bit more than others, and we do anything to achieve it. Balance and harmony are just temporary moments of rest before a new burst of energy sets us out to combat our surroundings for more. A new job, a bigger house, a new car, better wages, a holiday further away, etc.

The day we realise that all this is just part of a permanent natural search for harmony our life changes. We start consciously thriving for harmony instead of growth or competition. The 5th level has nothing to with intelligence or education. It has to do with deep inner understanding, a sense of harmony that starts within one self. This strange fearless feeling of trust and confidence comes at the strangest moments, normally when one has to let go of everything (possessions, feelings, beliefs, etc) and becomes aware that grows and competition brings instability while harmony brings piecw of mind and true progress.

One comes to terms with the idea that it is not what one has that matters but how one uses the abilities and resources to achieve progress through harmony.

Societies and communities behave like human beings with the same characteristics of consciousness. A business or country that is managed for growth behaves different than one focused on sustainable development through harmony.

With climate change, pollution and global warming we see that the overall tendency is towards this 5th level of awareness. We need not just consider harmony with our own selves but also with our environment.

It is all about harmony. At molecular level we recognise our physical living complexity through harmony. At biological level we see ourselves in harmony with all kinds of minute species that help us live by dedicating their life’s to ours in reciprocity. I refer to the bacteria and virusses that live on and inside our body supporting our own life system.Over 3 billion shape this living universe called “me”. Non of these species probably even consciously knows that I exit. For them I am their planet or universe.

Level 5 is inside all of us and we show the ability to deal with it on a daily basis. We just need to arrive at a point of conscious awareness about it. Harmony made our molecules unite into a unique new creature that needs to learn to arrive at a point of harmony with itself and surroundings. This harmony is not a final position of a fixed nature. Not at all. It is a new beginning. We stop fighting and start connecting in purpose driven processes that just have to do with life’s essentials:

* food (including water)
* health
* safety
* applied consciousness
* applied freedom

We place growth, competition and adaptability in evolutionary context and apply change to adjust to harmony using our awareness and consciousness to guide us.

Arriving collectively in the world at this point of consciousness is a breakthrough of understanding life and the universe providing sustainable human progress for all. A lot needs to happen still but the signs are all over not because we have become so smart, just because we become aware.

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