Earth day


Today, April 22nd 2014, is Earth Day. This just to remind us what we have and should cherish. I suspect that the rest of the year we don’t bother at all while there is nothing to remind us other than disaster, illnesses and system’s neglect.

At AiREAS we spend year in year out thinking of our planet and the giant issues we face. We also experience the difficulty to redesign and transform human societies, cultures and system’s complexity. The old money driven structure is extremely dominant and diverts attention all the time, making things worse faster than we can make it right.


In Hong Kong (China) alone 7 Million people suffer lung and heart problems due to air polution

Pollution day
I would like to turn things around and create a global “pollution” day. A day to commemorate the intense stupidity of human systems that were about to destroy our habitat and sustainable life perspectives. It will be a day that we laugh at ourselves and party all day to celebrate the return of common sense.


Our youth should be healthy, happy and positive

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