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Completing the transformation economy circle

In Sustainocracy we defined the key values for society that produce sustainable human progress and harmony in local wellness. Those values are positioned above political and economic priorities. In fact, political and economic priorities become derivatives of the persuit of those higher values.

Transformation economy
We defined the transformation economy as a necessary complementory asset to the speculative transaction economy. It has been proven that if the economic world has no corrective process to control its own natural greed, natural chaos will fill in the gap with all the consequences of crisis, depressions and inequality around the world. It is a natural phenomenum that systems move in search for harmony.

The transformation economy bridges chaos by introducing value driven change when we become aware that the transaction economy challenges our existence or evolutionary continuity. It becomes a self regulatory process by combining growth, chaos and awareness into a symbiotic challenge of cocreating harmony. So the transformation economy positions itself in the field of awareness (change) and harmony (cocreation) while the transaction economy positions itself in growth (greed) and competition (chaos) with risk avoidance.


Putting theory into practice
In theory this is fine but in practice it needed to be shown working through a full cycle: Awareness, cocreation of unique values, growth and the start of a new value driven cycle.

In 2009 I started the STIR Foundation to address this new economic and transformative model called Sustainocracy. Our first step was to determine the key values that we were going to address. We were still very much professionally indoctrinated around problem solving. By addressing a problem such as the energy transition we would always compete with big powerful structures. We would start idealistically to end up in a program for financial profit seeking (transaction economy) rather than value creation. It took over a year of experimenting with our ideology and practical experiences to arrive at the “healthy city” concept of “air quality, human health and city dynamics”.

In 2011 we organised the multidisciplinary structure AiREAS to address this issue in the first city, Eindhoven. The value creation process could start. All values address the higher purpose of health and air quality. Those values do not exist yet and hence cannot be bought anywhere. We defined projects with the priorities at hand to make them SMART and UNITED. Every cycle generates unique values within each of the partners while addressing the key central purpose together. New products, services, policies, knowledge, structures and insights are produced. Each one is made visible within the AiREAS context as well as its unique added value per concept. All values together help address the health and air quality in the region, stimulating further spontaneous innovative initiatives by others.

Air quality and Human health

Air quality and Human health

Individually the values represent unique new propositions that each partner can expand into their own (global) markets in the transaction economy of growth. Since the values were cocreated together a royalty is agreed as reciprocity for the transformation economy, creating a cyclic fund for continuity. So every value driven change and its growth scenario’s help to make a better world and a stable society with harmonic economies that clean themselves from mismanagement and manipulation.

STIR Academy
This organisation of the City of Tomorrow is capturing the experiences of multidisciplinary cocreation and know how for expansion world wide. It was the STIR Academy that asked for the first invoice from AiREAS to pay out royalties. This made the circle complete for the first time. It had taken 5 years to introduce the new economic cyclic transformation platform and prove it to the world. Now it will only grow and becomes a serious player on the world market.

The STIR cycle for sustainable excellence and progress connecting the transformation economy with the transaction economy

The STIR cycle for sustainable excellence and progress connecting the transformation economy with the transaction economy

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