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Co-creation is an erotic experience

It is not at all strange that people in a co-creative team have erotic sentiments during the process and towards each other. In the STIR Foundation we have been working in multidisciplinary cocreation for 6 years now. Dealing with key human values is attracting both women and men. It is performed with passion, empathy and determination, giving rise to unprecedented results and innovations, but also unexpected erotic extras.

The intense creative work is built around this formula:

Talent x Input x Purpose = Value x Reciprocity

The fact that everyone is putting in that unique authenticity of one’s own connects with the emotional attraction among the members of the team. It is like falling in teenage love again. This is very confusing for the participants since they have to deal with these very private “secret” emotions that are normally reserved for one’s partner with whom one has children and a cocreative life as a family. Where does this sudden “lust” come from? Barbara Marx Hubbard explains the side of women ecstatic sensitivity in group processes of co-creativity:

Observing the facial expressions of Barbara she talks from experience. It is interesting to describe the transformation of society from a sexual or erotic point of view. We come from a society that is highly structured and manipulated in pyramids of power and control in which sexuality plays no significant role, in fact is structurally avoided, except maybe the one of masculine dominance over women, women’s submission to power for security, and greed with lust for a few (rather than evolution).

At one stage I blogged that “the next pope will be a woman“. We are afterall in the midst of an era that transforms from purely masculine mechanics into a feminine way of producing symbiotic harmony based on equality, safety and trust. The most recent encyclic of the catholic Pope is extremely feminine compared to all others, asking for responsibility and cocreation.

When individuals get into such cocreative group process they experience a physical and emotional transformation. We have seen civil servants enter the group with fear and distrust, using their typical manipulative instruments proper of the type of system where they have operated for years, professionally surviving by protecting their┬áback. They suddenly open up into beautiful human beings with excellent skills and powerful commitment based on trust and a “can do” mentality. We have seen harsh commercial people entering the group with the objective to “sell and take” without understanding the group dynamics. The group remains in tact despite the attacks of other energies that try to suck out the energy of the group for their own short term interests, and strengthens around common sense trying to transform the energy into constructive progress.

Meanwhile, inside the group the equality, the can do mentality, but also the sensing of powerful energies building up, give people a personal look that radiates love and care. The expression in their eyes is soft and open, with direct access to their soul. They feel safe inside the group and develop a physical and emotional reaction that resembles an intense sexual encounter. Rationalizing such feelings often disturbs people because they were not necessarily rationally known or even avoided in the ego-driven environment based of self-satisfaction and self-protection through the locking up of emotions. One has to come to terms with the feelings that give rise to the desire to touch, to hug, to celebrate the joy of togetherness and melt together in this pool of positive energy that seems to accumulate by mere interaction.

In STIR we do this on a multidisciplinary level with executives from the old and cold ego world coming together in this new world of warmth and eco connectiveness. Our challenges are to develop those constructive energy boosts on city or regional level, even an entire country or continent. That is the essence of the transformation we are developing, based on love, erotic sensitivity and energetic genius as of spring. It is beautiful to be part of all this and welcome all that are like us, in creation mode.


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