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Current generations don’t decide on our future anymore, we decide our survival

We live in a very special timeframe within the evolution of our human species of the last 200.000 years. We used be worry about our future but now, in a very short space of time (years rather than decades), we need to decide collectively about the survival of our species.


My view of the minimum time we have to redefine our human attitude towards life, expressed in years rather than centuries

We have clearly passed the survival threshold while holding on to a consumer mentality within a speculative economics environment of capitalism. The only way out is awareness driven interaction based on core human values as well as redefining our material dependencies. Remedial response does not work anymore. It is like mopping the floods with the taps still open. It is however still the policy of our funds driven governance, lobbied ahead by the unjustifiable promises of heavily subsidized semi-government structures and powerful materialistic organizations of individualized material greed.

Proactive living labs such as sustainocratic STIR, AiREAS, FRE2SH etc have the solutions at hand while proving concepts over and over again in yearly timeframes rather than decades. The main obstacle is the type of society created after the World Wars, which was thought to be the best solution ever from that early awareness breakthrough. It now is the representing the biggest obstacle for transformative change.

Time is pressing.   80 years ago we still had decades to find and implement solutions, now we have years at the most. BUT: We have solutions now that we did not have 80 years ago. It ‘s time to evolve through awareness driven living labs while using the findings fast. Question is: can we do it fast enough?


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