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Logo of a new society

Sustainocracy is a peaceful and democratic, core human values driven movement. It describes and develops the evolution of our human species through the definition of five natural core values (health, safety, awareness, basic need (food, water, air, energy), regional cocreative resilience). Sustainocratic progression is made through the constant motivation to use our wit, creativity and community cohesion to develop and enhance those core values in our regions through multidisciplinary innovative interaction and cocreation.

The logo or symbol for Sustainocracy is this:


The logo symbolizes the heart of the sustainocratic processes in a complex interaction between human and institutionalized interests. At the same time it visualizes through the use of colors and connecting bands the interaction between the natural resources of water, air, living green and energy.

The processes of Sustainocratic, core values driven progression through multidisciplinary regional interaction, can be seen in this flowchart. In the center you may also recognize the shape of the symbol above.


Flowchart of sustainocratic values driven interaction

The center of both the logo and flowchart form a permanent quest for quality of life within an ever changing natural and human environment. By making the five core values of Sustainocracy leading the innovative drive is constant, fed by context related data, the input of means with the development of tools. Civilian engagement defines new market mechanism which helps connect entrepreneurship and governance to the challenges.

Recently the symbol was connected to our European CITIMAP project in which we work together on the co-creation of 6 health driven cities from an air and environmental quality point of view. The other half of the message was produced by the University of Aachen (Germany).


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