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Rutger Bregman on basis income

A basic income could eliminate poverty…..

We tend to agree with the arguments of Rutger Bregman. The only problem we see is twofold. We do not only have to solve poverty. We also have to break with the destructive self centeredness of the large enterprises, often in support of central governments out of tax dependencies.

Would it help to cream off the top of capitalism?

This is what Rutger Bregman said that got him a status of public hero..

The problem in his solution is “who would do the taxing”? The national governments already are hooked on the strings of these capitalist crossborder globalists. They can hardly do anything by themselves. And if they could they would have to relay the money into a public fund for the basic income. Or would they have to have to do this through the United Nations?

The global rich are reluctant to let go of their cash. It provides them with huge power and control, not just unlimited cash for investment. And if they did let go then the power would be put in the hands of the fund collector. And with all this we have not yet addressed the destructive processes on our ecosystems, our social environments, etc.

Sustainocracy goes for local for local, including a basic local income

Within the capitalist context a basic income would rapidly be sucked empty by the selfish pyramid of financial interests. It would also retain the risk of anyone deciding to cut the strings of the funding out of political or power interests. Redesigning society for local resilience through independence would also allow for the creation of a circular local basic income fund. It would probably be based on a local currency and the stimulous for local productivity of the local population. Globalization would be redefined into a network of self sufficient clusters that share their abundance to the most needed in the network.

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