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From reacting to symptoms to applying awareness for mechanisms of integral change

One of the main challenges we face as society is to break with the treatment continuum within a structurally unhealthy and destructive financially steared and dependent paradigm. What does this mean?

Our human community presence and participation is guided by a jobs related productivity in a political and financial ecosystem created by humankind. We get rewarded through those financial means. This gives us access to the perceived abundance provided by this system in order to fullfil our daily needs. When signs or symptoms arise of system flaws, in terms of human illnesses, pollution, poverty, inequality, etc, we try to resolve them through treatments. These are focused on getting back to the optimal status quo (the neutral point) for system’s productivity.

A political financial system, such as capitalism, reacts to signs and symptoms that potentially destabelize the functioning of the system. It does not react to the disfunctional relationship it has with other overarching systems such as nature in general or the complexity of biological or spiritual human health. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a clear example of such a treatment paradigm that tries to fight premature (system) death by addressing issues that are caused by the system itself. It does not dispute the system itself.

We see this in the example of covid-19. The system already reacted to exponential rise of health care needs due to unemployment, poverty and an aging population. It did that through a general cost reduction program of the health care systems. They also raised health care prices, insurrances and personal financial contributions to the services. It also reacts on the impact on the IC capacity by both reducing the IC capacity and attempting to reduce the affluence of very sick people through lock down mechanisms and vaccination campaigns. It react to Covid19 as if it were the only problem at hand. Suddenly all other diseases seemed to have disappeared, just like system related health issues like diabetes, overweight, alcohol and drug abuse, negative stress, behavior disorders, etc. They don’t receive equivalent attention at all.

It does this purely from a system’s dynamics (premature system death as seen in financial crises, system collapses, etc). The measures have nothing to do with human health, a healthy society or a healthy economy. On the contrary! We even see that those reactive measures create an overload of new signs and symptoms (stress, burn outs, delayed treatments of other diseases, people aggression, suicides, increased mental problems, climate problems, etc). The treatment paradigm again reacts with more measures, more police, more vaccines, more bureaucracy, more controls of everything, more demand for power and money. Yet it does not look at itself as the prime cause of all problems. The neutral point is never reached anymore and a point of general collaps is coming closer and closer.

Awareness and learning

Awareness is a condition of our human reality. We can place ourselves above our systems and see ourselves and all issues in multidimensional contex. This brings us into a learning curve as a species. Our systems only have this learning curve when we apply ours to them. For instance we can determine that a petrol based car produces pollution. The car itself does not. We can change the technology of the car, put on a filter or eliminate its use. The car itself will not, it will always be a car. In the case of a system such as capitalism we can see its system flaws, but it remains capitalism. So people working within capitalism act the capitalistic way, just like the petrol engine does in the car. It is the context that defines the functioning.

We cannot change capitalism, we can change the context, environment and mindset in which people (including politicans, businesses, etc) excersize their functions and responsibilities. We then learn to abandon capitalism and adopt something else, such as the core natural human values and shared responsibilities defined in Sustainocracy. The little blue square in the drawing above.

We don’t look at the premature death avoidance of capitalism, we look at the premature dealth avoidance of humankind in general and our relationship with nature (instead of money). A new awareness and learning curve appears that grows and places capitalism and everything else into context. One of the symptoms then to eliminate is the capitalist working, not by sustaining it but by replacing it. By adopting the laws of nature and our core values as our points of reference we develop our long lasting wellness as a species. We apply proactive learning and constant adaptation of the human made systems we use instead of adapting people to the systems.

This represents a mayor turnaround in governance and mindset of the entire population. If we don’t do it we will face the general collapse produced by an obsolulete system’s dynamics that is forcefully being held up by those that excersize blind power through it. If we do we need to reorganize ourselves and disconnect from the old hegemony, also in our own behavior and addressing reality.

From hierarchy
to togetherness

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