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Breaking the vicious dead end circle in three steps

The current vicious circle of destruction involves us all. How can we break the circle? We introduce three Sustainocratic steps that can solve this problem by taking our own responsibility. Now we can do so voluntarily, soon we will have no choice.

Dead end cycle

With AiREAS we make visible the invisible, not just from an air quality and health point of view but also in lifestyle and behaviour. Addressing this first is our instant gain in wellness improvement and breaking the circle. Because with our consumer lifestyle we feed the capitalist hegemony that takes abuse of the land and resources to further feed our consumption.

Step 1: Reduce our consumption

So if we address our consumption attitude we can reduce our risks of shortages, decrease our dependence on big supply chains and the speculative or abusive nature of their structures. Reducing our desires to our basic needs, engaging in producing these needs mostly ourselves and introducing circular reusage of resources, we take away the capitalist financial & political power over our old dependence. This has a direct and positive effect on the rest of the cycle. In the beginning it may take a little of getting used to a minimalistic lifestyle but this step improves our social life, our community spirit and general happiness. We gradually get into the positive cycle of sharing abundance with health and safety as a consequence referred to as collateral benefit.

Step 1 is in our own hands. No excuus and with huge benefits

Step 2: regulate capitalism

This step is a bit more difficult. It involves the institutional engagement to sustainocratic thinking anf handling while letting go of the 1 x WIN (financial profit or political power) focus. There are two important ways of public handling: 1. Don’t buy from the large 1 x WIN pollutors by focussing on step 1. If one needs to buy something then choose a local supplier, not a global player. 2. In the democratic voting process ever 4 years choose a political party that supports these steps. Sustainocracy is not al all politically oriented because we don’t support the political hierarchy of interests. As we concentrate, also in the current system (while it still exists), on developing the core natural human values and share responsibility, we can gradually make a difference in the political structures also.

As business leaders we will feel gradually more comfortable in the field of multiple WIN (human, societal and environmental) than the single WIN (financial) at the expense of our environment and human sustainable progress. If we stick to the single WIN phylosophy than eventually we will be stopped by the new legal instruments that will call for responsibility. This is also the case for political leaders that choose for money instead of value for society.

No tolerance for abusive or polluting institutions. Eventually they will become officially a crime against humanity.

Step 3: Globalize Sustainocracy

Step 3 is to consolidate our local for local focus into a global network of sharing our abundance in close relationship among each other and our natural environment. We define our prioritities in relation with our core natural human values in a changing environment. When we can solve our issues by ourselves we do so, if not, than we can count on the help of our surroundings. We will be a global family, taking care of eachother and our planet.

Breaking the dead cycle opens up for the cycle with endless wellness

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