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Nature comes alive again, how about humanity?

The equinox on March 20th shows us once again the magical coherence of nature and reminds us of our own historical immaturity to deal with symbiose and peacefulness. Let us celebrate our steps to maturity through a musical online event.

Springtime shows how the ecosystem in nature comes alive with the extra sunlight. Trees, flowers, insects, bushes, everything is showing itself in its colorful diversity. The ecosystem is well balansed, peaceful and symbiotically interactive. Every event triggers other life events up to the full cycle fullfilment. After that it gradually downgrades itself into the winter pauze where storms, darkness and cold form a natural moment of rest.

Nature acts like a well orquestrated symphony. The question arises why humankind has some much difficulty behaving in a similar cocreative, multually dependent and peaceful way? We believe that it has to so with our evolutionary immaturity. For a long time humankind could grow nearly unlimited in a space without natural enemies, except ourselves. We also did not interpret the natural environment as a friend to interact with, we rather saw it as open storage of raw materials free for us to use. Our territorial drifts and controls, together with a puberal competitive drive, made us fight each other out of self interest.

In analogy with the orquestrated symphony of nature we, human beings, act like musicians that have learned to play an instrument but have not understood yet how to play together. We show traces of empathy and diplomacy at times but hardly manage to syntonize into values driven cocreation with each other or our environment.

This is changing.

We seem to mature the hard way, through painful conflicts, sudden illnesses and bursts of awareness. Awareness gradually show us that all these conflicts don´t serve humankind at all. We need to outgrow this mentality and become constructive, progressive, cocreative, according to the Laws of Nature. One of these laws is the musicality of the living environment. Let us celebrate this online at 17:00 CET (Amsterdam time)

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