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Our image of a culture is not always based on reality

Prejudism is a horrible human factor that creates many unnecessary conflicts, fears and misunderstandings. If we want a peaceful, progressive world we should eliminate prejudism through curiosity about the other, dialogue and and open mind.

On April 20th at 17:00 we organize our 4th online Peace gathering. We will highlight 7 different cultures from all around the world. What do we know about these cultures? Where does our knowledge or lack thereof come from? Do all the Dutch walk on wooden shoes? Are all the Germans villans as they make us believe in American Hollywood movies? Do people in Africa live in clay houses and wear grass skirts? Do all Chinese eat Sushi? Is Brussels the Netherlands? Let us meet with reality and admire the beauty of the cultures around the world instead of judging or fearing them, often based on nonsense and misinformation.

For free registration please use this link.

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