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Unity in Diversity

Our online Peace event today was about avoiding that prejudice could destroy our relationships or create unnecessary conflicts or misunderstanding. We looked at four totally different countries:

Guatemala (by Alfredo Vasquez)

Alfredo gave a great presentation made in Prezi. It showed the enormous amount of indigenous cultures in this small country in Middle America, the historical influence of the Mayas and even the meaning of the name Guatemala (area of many trees).

Hungary (by Andras Laszlo)

Apart from the online presentation, Andras selected a set of videos about Hungary that he invites us to watch. Here is one already…

He also shared a PDF with us with more information.

Nigeria (by Ukpeme Okon)

Apart from all the comments provided by Ukpeme she also shared a few illustrative videos about Nigeria as it is today.

The Netherlands (by Jean-Paul Close)

A lot can be said about the Netherlands. Jean-Paul highlighted a few elements through a presentation and also chose a video illustrate the flatness of this watery country.

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