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Sustainocracy for world Peace and Progress

During the world Jazz concert, organized by peace ambassador Ukpeme Okon, in Abuja Nigeria on July 9th, 2022, the follow text was shared with the public locally offline and online through YouTube streaming (02:08:22 ….):

“Our Core Human Values such as our health, safety and the regional self fulfillment of our basic needs (healthy food, water, air and warmth) are essentials for our sustainable existence as a natural species on our planet Earth. They stand above political and financial interests. By taking responsibility together (people and institutions alike) for these essentials we redefine our societies, our relationships, the design of our cities and our partnership with our natural environment. Peace and Progress can hence be enjoyed and celebrated together. From Eindhoven in the Netherlands we invite the world to take this at heart and together enjoy this wonderful concert as a musical expression of our core values driven togetherness.”

Jean-Paul Close – STIR Foundation / founder

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    Enjoy our message for Peace and Progress. We can all be part of it if we dare to share our responsibilities together and put them into practice.

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