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Secrets of life

On May 14th 2013 I introduced my views on the  musical origins of life. The secrete of living life in an evolutionary, self conscious way, is lectured during my open, public evening colleges in Eindhoven. I did this today together with opera singer Irma Lohman, whose talent could be used to prove my points on how life really is and how we can perceive and use it once aware.

Irma Lohman performing Nessum Dorma

Irma Lohman performing Nessum Dorma

The next few blogs will introduce these views  to you. They will of course be received as usual by some with the traditional amount of skepticism and refusal influenced also by the opposition from the reigning dogma’s that surround us and that educate us every day. In a way we live still in a world in which the “Earth is flat and the center of the universe” according to the ruling self interests of old remaining hierarchies. These old dogma’s and their institutionalized protectors are gradually disappearing into history, sometimes replaced with new ones. They all leave us behind with the atrocities of their commitment to a lie out of powerful self interest. It shows how we evolved over time as a species through a continuous learning process, combating our own, self imposed monsters in our quest for the universal truth and understanding.

You may also find that the route to absolute freedom comes with new responsibilities and an inner and outer confrontation with old beliefs that have been “sold” to us as sacred without dispute, often at the expense of doom and punishment. It is up to you to determine whether you are ready for this challenging.

Breaking loose gives freedom but also new responsibilities

Breaking loose gives freedom but also new responsibilities

I will deal with:

  • The origin of life
  • Harmonic relationships
  • Each of the four phases of life
  • Evolution
  • Current crises and their evolutionary solutions
  • Our own evolutionary state, risks and opportunities
  • Life phases and education

I have decided to do this through this blog in order to be able to connect to multimedia on the web for the re-enforcement of my messages. The blog also offers the possibility for you to reflect back.

We are facing a quantum leap that for the individual is an intellectual choice and for society an unprecedented evolutionary challenge and significant historical leap forward.



  1. What are the areas of your life are in balance, you resonate; you are in tune. Evaluate your life as a system & develop a holistic approach to living. When all the parts of your life are balanced; quantum leaps take place naturally & effortlessly. How balanced is your life? Below given are seven categories of needs vital to a life of balance & harmony. Consider carefully how much energy & time you spend on these different aspects of your life.

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