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Lifelong education, sustainable human progress, conciousness and applied sustainable leadership

One of my ambitions is to create a world wide knowledge sharing and consciousness building network for measurable sustainable human progress and the development of individual sustainable leadership.

Now I am ready to set it up.

It is called STIR. Officially it is still the Foundation called Sustainocracy, Transformation, Indexation, Research. In practice it is a learning cooperative between people who want to experiment with their own life, authority and daily responsibility for sustainable development of themselves, their families and their local community.

Top intellectuals
I already have a large personal network of excellent lecturers and intellectuals connected to me via a large diversity of specialisms. My own sustainocratic work gives us plenty of things to do together and a motivation to stick together. This shows me that again that knowledge is only of mutual interest when it can be used in real life. That is where new knowledge develops too to enhance progress even further.

I work with the professors directly not with their institutions. Professors are human with human motivations. Universities are not.

That does not mean that we do not work with the institutions. On the contrary. But we use them for what they represent from a specialised research perspective and detailed specialised education on scientific topics. In STIR we translate this deep knowledge in true sustainable human progress which is a different learning process all together. That is why professors like to work with STIR because it brings their specialism into contact with the tremendous diversity of real life. It is hence a reciprocal process in which the educators learn as well.

STIR invites top lecturers, professors, visionary people, scientific researchers and exemplary pioneers to select or create their own best minors (a short block of lectures and practical exercises that last about 6 month) to be shared with us on and offline. A minor remains in STIR as long as there is sufficient (Global) demand for it.

I expect to be able to offer 100’s of minors for you to choose from. But following a training is not enough. That is not the purpose of STIR. The real purpose is to apply knowledge for local sustainable human progress and make change happen through your commitment. In STIR we also work with Sustainocratic cooperations for the extremely complex issues. When they develop in your area we can budget the STIR education and make it available free of charge.

The only stable factor in life is change.

STIR grows through fractal patterns. We started in Eindhoven and invite anyone to become member free of charge. With enough members in a region we set up a local off line community, otherwise we provide tutorials online.

STIR mission: to contribute to sustainable human progress globally (Global issues, local solutions, global application ).
STIR focus: develop the consciousness and sustainable leadership.
STIR method: lifelong learning by purpose driven experimentation, open reflection and knowledge sharing.
STIR levels: the 5 levels of consciousness, individually and as a community.
STIR infrastructure: Online (Global) and Offline (Local).

We do not tell you how you should live your life, we just help you understand.

STIR website

Membership fee: free of charge but not free of commitment (you commit to sustainable human progress)
Lifelong learning fee: 1% of published average local yearly wages, per person per year. Or free of charge when within local sustainocratic cooperation.
Education: You choose your own education out of all available minors. The more members the more educators.

The first year (2014) will be free of charge also for the learning fee as we build up the network.

Sign up through the website. I will soon publish the first set of online minors (short intensive training of several weeks).

Also sign up if you have a minor to offer. It is a cooperation so feel free to contribute with ideas and initiative. STIR is not just me but all that sign up for the higher good of sustainable development of humankind.

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  1. […] When we dealt with the blog series of the secrets of lifeĀ  the 5 levels of consciousness already appeared. I only did not explain them as such. In the STIR community I prepared a series of minors around consciousness. If you want to go profoundly into this matter or add to it from your own expertise, I advise you to become member of the STIR community. […]

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