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Made of God

When I wrote the series of blogs about the secretes of life I introduced an issue that can be seen as one of the major turningpoints in human history. There are many more which I will publish in my forthcoming book yet understanding God takes a lot of old spines out of our systems. No need to wait for a publication.

Appearance of human beings on Earth
The appearance of the human species on planet Earth is filled with mystery, beliefs, intrigues, speculation and suggestions. One says that we come from outer space as some extraterrestrial that hit upon planet Earth. Reason for such science fiction is the belief that humans are far too different from all other lifeforms, including the apes, on Earth.

Others say that we did actually evolve from our apelike ancestors, separating us by developing certain unique abilities that made us “different”. Modern evolution theory foresees also in effects of genetic disorder, s.a. produced by a virus, to produce an evolutionary leap.

Another popular belief is that we were created by a superior being, God, who designed us in His resemblance. Religions are based on these external powers. Many thousand or even millions of years Gods were representing just about anything that produced human doubts or fear. Only fairly recently we were asked to believe in one single God responsible for everything.

The different beliefs about the origin of humankind still cause wars, confrontations, murders, disorder, etc. But what if they are all true? That they all reflect a part of the truth and get confrontational out of lack of acceptance of the bigger picture in which every theory fits perfectly. Here I sum up my own evidence:

1. Harmonic relations are governing the universe through frequencies that have musical accords.

2. The energetic harmonic vibrations on molecular level can, in extreemly rare situations, coincide to create LIFE forms through the bondage between elements. This “missing link” between Energy x Matter (E x M) to produce Life can be referred to as God. In essence God = Life, a harmonic frequency that evolves into a hugely sensitive spiritual complexity when it reaches the state of self awareness of human beings

Life = E x M x G.

In essence this means Life, including human beings, is made OF God, not BY God. The harmonic bondage determines the diversity and steps. So in a way we are made in Gods resemlance, not just physically but harmonically. But so are all living species. “Creatures of God” gets now a totally different meaning.

3. Some necessary physical elements for life’s bondage were absent on Earth in the first few billions of years. These were added through impacts from space. We can say that we (elements for life) come from space. The harmonic vibrations for life are already standard part of the entire universe. It is as if the universe is programmed for Life. This we call “God”.

4. Life’s standard characteristic (once formed) is to grow, compete, collapse or change and finally, all together in diversification, seek harmonic symbiose. The entire complexity of life’s evolution is coded in DNA which is assembled through harmonic frequencies. The (human) DNA contains the entire human part of evolution and every new birth follows de billions of evolutionary years in clear steps, in the record time of 9 months for birth and all phases to adulthood. All life forms together form a symbiotic symphony that resembles a bigger plan for the learning self reflection. It is simply “THE plan”.

5. At one evolutionary moment we changed from one species into another, partly by chance, partly by usage of our differences. Humans became both evolutionary, with building blocks from space and made OF God. The goddly musical ingredient is part of the living complexity of our own AND our living surroundings. We coexist because of each other. One single human being is even a living symbiotic universe of billions of living creature without which we would not survive.

6. Our evolutionary complexity gave rise to self awareness, reflection and tooling. We became aware of our choices, our self interest and the consequences. As a social species (humans were never primary preditors but collectors) we developed the duality of self protection and progress. Self awareness has been confusing us ever we since we started to learn about who and what we are? This gives rise of the seamingly conflicting, and all the known, theories. The deadly encounters are part of the chaos theory that includes competition, not cocreation.

7. We have reached a point that we understand what we are, and what not, with the complexity of life in which we have long been a confused self reflective part. We understand now that life is all about harmonic frequencies in which growth, collapse and change are essential parts, not leading. We loose our confusion into understanding just to arrive at an adult phase of our collective and historic existence. We break through into the levels of awareness beyond self reflection. We are capable to oversee the Whole and organize ourselves accordingly. A new era unfolds itself…..

Arriving at point 7 we let go of the destructive consumer economics of growth and adjust to seeking value driven harmony between our species and our surroundings out of self preservation and sustainable human progress. Sustainocracy is an early example of such new system’s complexity ready to grow with harmony as driver, not power, control or growth itself.

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