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Sustainable city and business development, inspired by a tree

Living nature has been taking care of the regenerative sustainability of life for over 4 billion years. It is a source of unlimited inspiration on how to deal with our resources, entrepreneurship and sustainable regional development. In our worldwide online discussion on August 25th 2022, we take a tree as source of inspiration. The discussion is part of our online training course about regional self sufficiency and food resilience. This FRE2SH training consists of 10 modules that are being deployed one per month.

Dr. Francesca Zampollo, director of our Online School of Food Design, partner of FRE2SH

Our current cities are black holes of consumption, competing among each other for the limited resources that are needed for themselves and their populations. City management is often tunnelvisioned in the political financial model of dependencies. We take city councils on the path of local regenerative, non competitive resilience, by looking at the functioning of a tree.

For the 25th of August at 16:00 CET, we have invited three experts with totally different backgrounds. If you wish to join the online Safari please register here for free.

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  1. […] Eigenlijk is het vreemd dat dit nog niet een massale doorgang heeft gevonden bij de overheden die gebukt gaan onder de consequenties van het oude systeem. Door aan te sluiten bij de FRE2SH samenwerking bouwen we samen (inwoners en instanties) aan die lokale, regeneratieve, circulaire voedsel economie. Dit doe we ook wereldwijd via een online cursus dat bestaat uit video´s, online discussies met experts, coaching en het delen van goede voorbeelden. Onze partners hier zijn de Online School of Food Design onder leiding van Jashan uit India en Dr. F…. […]

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