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Two days of filming green innovations in Eindhoven

Our AiREAS participation in the Earthbeat project started already a year ago. During our weekly zoom sessions we got acquainted with filmmaker Joerg Altekruse from Germany. His Youth4Plant approach and filming green innovations towards the climate conference in Glasgow (COP26) was very much in line with our own network activities. We were not that much interested in influencing the political U.N. drama. We were much more interested in visualizing all the citizen’s initiatives, creativity and the cooperative work done with their local governments. In our engagement we shared the view that there is big gap between the political financial, destructive world hierarchies and the powerful strength of growing citizen’s movements with shared responsibilities at grassroot level.

We were not going to COP26, we were creating our own.

Our vehicle is the CreatiVelo, an electric bike with modifications to carry the cameras and materials. The crew follows with private cars, a van and often with cyclists joining the voyage. Between Luxemburg and Glasgow, during the month of October, video messages, statements, positive examples and personal stories are collected along the way. These two days we were receiving the caravan in Eindhoven. It became a heart warming experience. Here some photo’s. In the next blog we will share some video impressions….


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