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Looking for feminine rolemodels for a new society based on a moral direction of shared responsibilities

We are organizing a set of webinars and online encounters. If these want to be high impact we need to involve young people and the feminine energy of love, care and togetherness. This was the outcome of our weekly zoom session today.

In 2011 we initiated AiREAS as the first formal sustainocratic cooperative, dedicated to the shared responsibility of health and air quality. The first steps of the community was in the field of making visible the invisible of air pollution through the introduction of high tech measurement technologies. The community became highly masculine due to its technological and reserach emphasys. When in 2015 we initiated a research campaign on air quality, health and lifestyle, we discovered that nearly 50% of our exposure to air pollution was caused by ourselves. The first health gain to be achieved was to look at ourselves and take corrective action.

In order to invite citizens to awareness driven change, with health and healthy air as driving force, we decided to avoid doing it through AiREAS. AiREAS would moralize too much on our air polluting behaviour. It was already known that such critical attitude would be received negatively by the people. Many would have their defence on why they polluted as an unavoidable consequence of participating in the current society. That is why we decided to invite people to a different community, one for social inclusion, integration and innovation around health in general (in the broadest sense of the word).

COS3i was born.

To our surprise COS3i became populated by women, hundreds of women. Activities such as having food together, making music, taking care of lonely neighbors, helping people out who are in need, recycling materials, art workshops, dancing, new clothes sharing systems, etc became activities that we gathered in COS3i. COS3i was not a new organization or an institution, it was just an umbrella for connecting such activities into a new ecosystem of love and care. Some pronounced COS3I as the English Cosy (comfortable), yet other as the Italian Cosí (like that). It became a nice buzz with partners in the field of restaurants, social NGO’s, musician, foreign communities, etc.

This was on a local scale. Now we are looking at global impact. Again we want to make the difference, not by moralizing yet by inviting to participate and structure the feminine ecosystem of care and sharing. The core natural human values of Sustainocracy and the invitation to cocreate those values through shared responsibilities can be part of the overall invitation, just like the impact of SDGs on the young people´s motivation to become active and innovative. In order to create a sense of a movement we need feminine role models, the positive examples, the warmly extended hand to join…..

If you would like to propose someone, please let us know: jp@stadvanmorgen.com or respond to this blog. We would like to invite this person or these persons to our next meeting on Tuesday at 16:00 CET (Amsterdam time).

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